PHPOF v1: Documentation

This page is about the original version of PHPOF (version 1). This has been superceded by the completely-rewritten PHPOF version 2.

Welcome to the PHPOF documentation. This documentation is brief but provides information and examples on using the public methods of the PHPOF classes.


  1. What is PHPOF?
  2. The terms under which PHPOF are licensed, which you must accept in order to use PHPOF
  3. Basic concepts
  4. Configuration

Tutorial: An example Web application

  1. Introduction - setting up the basics
  2. Creating the derived classes
  3. Creating the common file

Reference Documentation

The most up-to-date reference documentation is in the code. The main classes for database handling are:

Reference Documentation: Utility Classes

These 'classes' are primarily collections of useful functions, organised into classes for the sake of simplicity. In most cases, they can (and are intended to) be used uninstantiated.